A glimpse of what is to come



“If you are a dreamer come in
If you are a dreamer a wisher a liar
A hoper a pray-er a magic-bean-buyer
If you’re a pretender come sit by my fire
For we have some flax golden tales to spin
Come in!
Come in!”
Shel Silverstein

The Art House is a journey. We invite you to join this adventure. Currently the Art House is only an initiative project. But when we are up and running we hope to bring the art experience to the community through workshops, classes, lessons, concerts, presentations, and learning opportunities.

According to Princeton University paper titled “How the Arts Impact Communities”:

  • Creating a venue that draws people together who would otherwise not be
    engaged in constructive social activity.
  • Fostering trust between participants and thereby increasing their
    generalized trust of others
  • Providing an experience of collective efficacy and civic engagement, which
    spurs participants to further collective action
  • Arts events may be a source of pride for residents (participants and nonparticipants
    alike) in their community, increasing their sense of connection
    to that community.
  • Providing an experience for participants to learn technical and
    interpersonal skills important for collective organizing
  • Increasing the scope of individuals’ social networks
  • Providing an experience for the organizations involved to enhance their capacities.
  • Much of this comes when organizations’ establish ties and learn how to work, consult and coordinate with other organizations and government bodies in order to accomplish their goals.


Communities centered around artistic endeavors can provide safe places for people to experiment and grow. Experiencing fun, engaging and purposeful interactions while creating art, whether it is group music classes, choirs, creative movement, painting, knitting, photography, or pottery, can help foster relationship building with like-minded people.

These social networks can provide further opportunities to explore more art and even further relationship building. The cycle of building friendships while creating art, continues to manifest itself each time you enter into a classroom or concert hall.

Adults and children alike can all benefit from art in community. We learn more about ourselves as we explore the wonder of making music or expressing ourselves through art. We can learn skills, and deepen our understanding, not only of ourselves but of others drawn into the same creative experiences. We share and we grow together finding new ways to express the art within us. We laugh, we dance, we sing, we move, we paint, we sculpt, we write, we play.

This is a partnership with Windsor Presbyterian Church.