The Art House Des Moines — a community of friendship through the arts

“It’s not only music. It’s not only art. It’s a community. It’s a sense of having a place to belong.” – Jared Leto

The Art House Des Moines is a community arts initiative of Windsor Presbyterian Church with early childhood music sessions to begin as the first phase during the Fall of 2017.

This initiative will develop and find creative arts opportunities for both children and adults.  Phase one will focus on early childhood music offerings for children ages 1-3 accompanied by a parent or caregiver, and future music and movement classes for children ages 4-5. Additional phases are being considered that may include after school art and music opportunities, multi-generational art and music classes, and small concert performances. Art classes may include photography, drawing, and crafts. Music classes may include fun rhythm, movement and singing exploration classes for children, as well as introductory classes in instruments such as hand drums and ukuleles.

As the Art House Des Moines explores and develops unique programming, we are committed to creating a space for friendship through these arts.

Join us in this journey, and help us dream.

Early Childhood

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Hellen Keller

The Art House Des Moines longs to be place where creative people of all ages can come together to express, learn, explore and perform. 

At the Art House, young children, ages 18 months to 5 years can experience music and movement in weekly classes with parents or caregivers led by a trained educator. Creativity enhances a child’s ability to excel in learning. utilizing John Feierabend’s acclaimed curriculum series “First Steps in Music”, families will recall and learn tradition old folk literature that have nurtured wonder and joy in young people for generations.

Communities centered around artistic endeavors can provide safe places for people to experiment and grow. Experiencing fun, engaging and purposeful interactions while creating art, whether it is group music classes, choirs, creative movement, painting, knitting, photography, or pottery, can help foster relationship building with like-minded people.

These social networks can provide further opportunities to explore more art and even further relationship building. The cycle of building friendships while creating art, continues to manifest itself each time you enter into a classroom or concert hall.

Adults and children alike can all benefit from art in community. We learn more about ourselves as we explore the wonder of making music or expressing ourselves through art. We can learn skills, and deepen our understanding, not only of ourselves but of others drawn into the same creative experiences. We share and we grow together finding new ways to express the art within us. We laugh, we dance, we sing, we move, we paint, we sculpt, we write, we play.

This is a partnership with Windsor Presbyterian Church.