Multigenerational activities

Historically, young and old connected naturally. Older people taught the young how to be and how to become. Close daily contact between the young and old was a matter of survival. Being with, watching after, and assisting in the care of young children, while demanding in many ways, does not require the full vigor of youth. The physical limitations that can come with getting older actually cement the relationship between old and young. An elder capable of working the land or building a house or strenuous cleaning would have less inclination to spend hours doting on grandchildren, telling them stories, and instructing them in the ways of their people. The physiological changes that accompany old age, which contemporary society looks upon with great disdain, can actually be useful preconditions for valuable intergenerational connections. – Legacy Project


Bringing together young and old in fun and creative ways benefits community. Here is a list of types of activities that could happen in a multigenerational arts community:

  1. Family Movie Night
  2. Camping trip
  3. Multigenerational dance party
  4. Weekend retreat for all ages
  5. Hikes planned for all ages
  6. make/decorate your own chalice night
  7. UU Softball team
  8. Hello/Goodbye parties for new families
  9. Groups work on poster displays for hallways
  10. “Tell Me a Story” time, elders share stories
  11. Teach favorite childhood game to young people
  12. Sacred dance troupe
  13. Thanksgiving morning walk in the woods
  14. Make and walk a labyrinth
  15. Display artwork of all ages
  16. Make a love book
  17. All ages make a quilt together
  18. UU Jeopardy
  19. PartnerChurchpen pal program
  20. Church year scrap book
  21. Game night
  22. Share your favorite song from when you were 5, 10, 30, 60
  23. Create story time for adults to read to kids, and vice versa
  24. Church field day/team building
  25. Garden together
  26. Field trips for all ages
  27. Share personal stories
  28. Large scale art project
  29. Be creative together on a Sunday afternoon
  30. Scavenger hunt in the church
  31. Play together after church
  32. Act out stories
  33. Craft night
  34. Multigenerational Art night- invite people of all ages to lead
  35. Cooperative games with some that are for reduced mobility
  36. Art exhibit
  37. Talent Show
  38. Everybody’s Birthday party
  39. Multigenerational sing along
  40. Multigenerational book group
  41. Kids interview elders in the church
  42. People treasure hunt
  43. Service auction with people of all ages offering things
  44. Share your favorite book or recipe night
  45. Weave a tapestry together
  46. Halloween creep dinner or haunted house
  47. Bowling party
  48. UU Float in a parade
  49. Put on a dramatic production, such as a church history or UU story
  50. Decorate for events
  51. Video based activities/discussions
  52. Digital picture frame display

Check out All Together Now for more creative ideas.